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Paperback by Chester Wool Company...


Leafy Brioche: Knitted Cowls and Scarves

Paperback. The Queen of Brioche, Nancy Marchant presents the elegant Leafy Brioche collection. A ma..


Learn to Fair Isle Crochet

Paperback by Karen Ratto-Whooley. Fair Isle is a traditional knitting technique used to create patt..


Little Loom Weaving

Paperback by Fiona Daly. Techniques, patterns and projects for complete beginners...


Little Red in the City

Paperback. From innovative designer Ysolda Teague comes Little Red in the City. Part pattern collec..


Lovely Knitted Lace

Paperback by Brooke Nico. A geometric approach to gorgeous wearables. Author Brooke Nico offers up ..


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Low-Mess Crafts for Kids

by Debbie Chapman. 72 projects to create..


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Mad Colour

Paperback by Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel. Bold and playful modern knits...


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Made for Movement West Knits Book 4

Paperback. In this fourth installment of designs by beloved knitwear desginer Stephen West, many of..


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Making No. 1 FLORA

Knit - Sew - Weave - Embroider - Crochet - Quilt + More..


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Making No. 2 FAUNA

Knit - Sew - Weave - Embroider - Crochet - Quilt + More..


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Making No. 3 DOTS

Knit - Sew - Weave - Embroider - Crochet - Quilt + More..


Making No. 4 LINES

Knit - Sew - Weave - Embroider - Crochet - Quilt + More..


Making No. 5 COLOR

Knit - Sew - Weave - Embroider - Crochet - Quilt + More..


Making No. 6 BLACK & WHITE

Knit - Sew - Weave - Embroider - Crochet - Quilt + More PRE-ORDER UNTIL 19TH APRIL, 2019..


Making No. 7 DESERT

Knit - Sew - Weave - Embroider - Crochet - Quilt + More PRE-ORDER UNTIL 19TH APRIL, 2019..


Making Stories Magazine 1

Edited by Hanna Lisa Haferkamp and Verena Cohrs. Making Stories Magazine strives to feature companie..


Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting

Paperback by Anna Maltz. Somewhere within the tightly bound belief that everything has been done be..


Max and Bodhi's Wardrobe: Modern Baby Knits

Paperback by Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel. Inspired by our two newest darlings, this collection i..


Merry Christmas Sweaters to Knit

Paperback by Sue Stratford. Simple sweater designs in 4 child and 4 adult sizes with a separate pat..


Messy Bun Hats & Scarves

8 Trendy messy bun hats with coordinating scarf patterns..


Midgard West Knits Book 5

Paperback. 10 fresh designs from the knitting dream team, Stephen West and Cirilia Rose. Inspired b..


Milarrochy Heids

Paperback by Kate Davies. One beautiful tweedy yarn, thirteen talented designers, fifteen fabulous h..


Modern Top-Down Knitting

Hardback. In this sophisticated womenswear collection, designer Kristina McGowan presents streamlin..


Natural Style

Paperback by Jenny Watson. A selection of lady's designs for all seasons...


New Crewel: The Motif Collection

Paperback by Katherine Shaughnessy. More exquisite designs in modern embroidery. With no counting a..


New Directions in Sock Knitting

Paperback by Ann Budd. 18 innovative designs knitted from every which way. Go beyond top-down or to..


Oversize Fashion Knits

26 cardigans and pullovers desinged to maximize style and ease..


Pacific Knits

Paperback. 18 irresistible earthy knits by Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel...


Penguin: A Knit Collection

Paperback by Anna Maltz. 10 creative projects to cast on, from hats to cardigans to a cuddly toy. A..


Pom Pom Winter 2017

Patterns by: Olga Buraya Kefelian, Nancy Marchant, Fiona Alice, Emilia Jensen, Alice Caetano, Ellino..


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Pompom 5th Anniversary Edition of Premiere Issue

A reissue of Pompom 1 with updated patterns, added sizes, new pictures and different yarns...


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Pompom Autumn 2017

Patterns by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Nancy Marchant, Fiona Alice, Emilia Jensen, Alice Caetano. Ellinor..


Pompom Autumn 2019

Sea Change..


Pompom Spring 2016

Patterns by Olga Buraya-Kefelian, Judith Brand, Gina Rokenwagner, Merrian Holland, Yuliya Tkacheva, ..


Pompom Spring 2018

Patterns by Isabell Kraemer, Julia Farwell-Clay, Verena Cohrs, Jessie Roselyn, Ana Campos, Amy Chris..


Pompom Spring 2019

The Botanical Issue..


Pompom Summer 2017

Patterns by Bristol Ivy, Joji Locatelli, Veera Valimaki, Thea Colman, Julia Farwell-Clay, Rachel Coo..


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Pompom Summer 2018

Summer stripes isssue. Patterns by Lori Versaci, Amy Christoffers, Susanne Sommer, Anna Maltz, Gina..


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Pompom Summer 2019

Tessellate, Rotate, Repeat..


Pompom Winter 2016

Patterns by Julia Farwell-Clay, Justyna Lorkowska, Clare Lakewood, Kiyomi Burgin, Sachiko Burgin, Fr..


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Pompom Winter 2018



Punch Needle

How to do Needle Punching..


Really Wild Tea Cosies

Paperback by Loni Prior. Entertaining, inspiring and easy to follow features 21 even wilder tea cos..


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Paperback by Renée Callahan. Recollection is a collection of 4 accessories and 2 garments designed ..


Rib No. 3 Alchemy

Patterns by: Lars Rains, Cecelia Campochiaro, Ella Gordon, Amy Meeks, Alice Caetano, Jared Flood, Fi..


Ricorumi Pattern Book Friends

RUMIFRIENDS shows small forest animals, such as hedgehogs and squirrels...


Ricorumi Pattern Book Magic

RUMIMAGIC impresses with fantasy characters in magical pastel- and sorbet shades...


Ricorumi Pattern Book Puppies

RUMIPUPPIES includes cute baby animals like puppies, baby rabbits and kittens...


Ricorumi Pattern Book Stool Covers



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Road Trip

Paperback by Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel...


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Scandi Knits Book 1

Designed by Jane Burns. Gift bag, festive stocking, cushions, cable wreath and lots more...


Scrappy Hooked Rugs

by Bea Brock. Making the most of the wool in your stash..


Sequence Knitting: Simple Methods For Creating Complex Fabrics

Simple methods for creating complex fabrics. By Cecelia Campochiaro. Hardback. Create finished pie..



Paperback by Marie Wallin. A beautiful collection of modern Fair Isle knits using Jamieson's Shetla..


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By Nicola Gouldsmith. The art of indigo dyeing with step-by-step techniques and 25 projects to make...



Paperback by Kate Davies. Five light knits for layering in Milarrochy Tweed. Inspired by her local l..


Short Row Knits: A Master Workshop with 20 Learn-As-You-Knit Projects

Paperback by Carol Feller. Get magical results with short row knits - a simple yet revolutionary te..


Signature Socks

Featuring 3 sassy sock patterns designed by Britain's next top knitwear designer Emma Wright...


Simple Knitting

Paperback by Erika Knight. A how-to-knit workshop with 20 very desirable projects...


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Simply Stitched

Paperback by Yumiko Higuchi. Beautiful embroidery motifs and projects with wool and cotton...


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Slow Knitting

Hardback by Hannah Thiessen. A journey from sheep to skein to stitch...


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Sock Loom Projects

Paperback by Isela Phelps. 15 projects using fine gauge and regular gauge sock looms...


Socks Volume 1

By Rachel Coopey. Ten designs to warm your feet and heart..


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Socks Volume 2

By Rachel Coopey. The never-ending quest for warm feet continue..


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Socks Yeah! Volume 1

By Rachel Coopey...


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Strange Brew

Paperback by Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel. A colourwork knitting adventure...


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Supersoft Alpaca Chunky Book 1

Paperback by Jenny Watson. 11 designs...


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Take Heart: A Transatlantic Knitting Journey

Paperback by Fiona Alice. Take Heart traces a path across the Atlantic from Fiona's hometown in Nov..


The Accessories Project

A collection of accessory sets by Joanne Scrace and Kat Goldin of The Crochet Project..


The Book of Haps

Paperback by Kate Davies. Join Kate Davies, Jen Arnall-Culliford, and a host of renowned designers ..


The Croft Shetland Colours Pattern Book

A family collection of 14 designs by Sarah Hatton...


The Croft Shetland Tweed Pattern Book

A collection of 14 designs by Sarah Hatton...


The Curse of The Boyfriend Sweater

Hardback by Alanna Okun. Essays on crafting...


The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook

Hardback by Carol Ekarius and Deborah Robson. More than 200 fibers from Animal to Spun Yarn includi..


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The Geometry of Hand Sewing

Paperback by Natalie Chanin. A romance int stitches and embroidery from Alabama Chanin and The Scho..


The Knitted Home

Hardback by Ruth Cross. This book is for people who enjoy knitting and exploring the different patt..


The Knitter's Dictionary

Knitting know-how from A to Z by Kate Atherley. The Reference Book no knitter should be without..


The Knitting and Crochet Bible

Paperback by Sue Whiting. The complete handbook for creative knitting and crochet...


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The Learn to Crochet Project

By Joanne Scrace and Kat Golden of The Crochet Project..


The Mitten Handbook

Paperback by Mary Scott Huff. Everything you need to know for designing and knitting customised mit..


The Principles of Knitting: Methods and Techniques of Hand Knitting

Hardback. A treasured guide beloved by knitters everywhere, the classic bookThe Principles of Knitt..


The Shape of Knitting

Hardback by Lynn Barr. A master class in increases, decreases and other forms of shaping. Over 20 p..


The Shawl Project: Book 2

Five crochet designs and infinite possibilities by Joanne Scrace and Kate Goldin for The Crochet Pro..


The Shetland Trader Book One

Paperback. The Shetland Trader-Book One is a collection of 10 patterns inspired by the Shetland Isla..


The Shetland Trader Book Two

Paperback by Gudrun Johnston. A collection of nine patterns by designer Gudrun Johnston. As with Bo..


The Vintage Shetland Project

Hardback by Susan Crawford. Knitting, fashion and hisory intertwined...


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The West Highland Way

Paperback by Kate Davies. Knit, Read, Walk: The West Highland Way. Kate Davies and Tom Barr live by..


This Thing Of Paper

Paperback by Karie Westermann. Inspired by her life long love of books, designer Karie Westermann t..


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Toasty Volume 1

By Rachel Coopey. Ten unique accessory patterns for 4ply yarn..


Toasty Volume 2

By Rachel Coopey. Ten unique accessory patterns for 4ply yarn..


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Topsy-Turvy Knitted Dolls

Paberback by Sarah Keen...


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Traditional Aran Knitting

Paperback by Shelagh Hollingworth. More than 20 fully illustrated project patterns for knitters of ..


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Tuck Stitches

Paperback by Nancy Marchant. Photography by Alexandra Feo. Sophistication in handknitting. Discover ..


Victorian Lace Today

Paperback by Jane Sowerby. See how lace has evolved from the 1830s to the 1900s. the knit today's w..


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Vogue Knitting - The Ultimate Knitting Book

1,600+ photographs and illustrations. Over 80 helpful sidebars. 120 pages on designing sweaters, sha..


Warp and Weft

Paperback by Jessica Hemmings. Woven textiles in fashion, art and interiors...


Weaving As An Art Form: A Personal Statement

Paperback. Outstanding among textile artists -- Theo Moorman is a British weaver who has taught ext..


West Knits Best Knits Number 1 - Shawls

Paperback. Westknits Best Knits by Stephen West is a collection of 13 popular Westknits designs by ..


West Knits Best Knits Number 2 - Sweaters

Paperback by Stephen West. In this book he explores sweater design in a way only Stephen can, with ..


Whimsical Little Knits

Paperback by Ysolda Teague. Contains 10 sweet patterns for quick little knits. Toys and accessories ..


Whimsical Little Knits 2

Paperback by Ysolda Teague. Contains 12 gorgeous patterns. Little things that are fun to knit, use o..


Whimsical Little Knits 3

Paperback. The third volume in the series by Ysolda Teague. Perfect little gifts to make...


Winwick Mum Sock Pattern Collection

Sock Patterns for West Yorkshire Spinners by Christine Perry..



Edited by Hanna Lisa Haferkamp and Verena Cohrs. First book in the European Nature book series focus..


Wool Journey: Shetland

Patterns and places, a knitters travel guide. Amber Platzer Corcoran, Jaime Jennings, Malia Joseph, ..


Woolens: A Book of Knitted Accessories

Paperback. Includes 11 new patterns by Jared Flood, founder and creative director of Brooklyn Tweed..



Paperback by Kate Davies. In this exciting new book, writer and designer Kate Davies unravels the t..


Zakka Embroidery

Paperback by Yumiko Higuchi. Simple one- and two-colour embroidery motifs and small crafts..